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With the number of websites growing every day, getting noticed online is paramount and good search engine optimisation is about doing just enough to ensure that your potential customers can find you online when browsing for a product or service that you can offer them.
It's not complicated but requires an understanding of how the search engines work (which unfortunately does change from time to time as they refine their algorithms) and an ongoing effort to create relevant content both on your site and elsewhere on the internet.
Our Approach to Search Engine Optimisation
Getting your website ranked amongst the search engines is an ongoing process where you measure your position, take action to improve it, measure it again and so on...
Measure it...
As part of a typical SEO project, we would create a report each month, detailing a variety of key indicators, for example:
The number of pages from your website that are listed in the key search engines
The number of unique hits each page of your website is getting
The number of back links pointing at your website
Keyword Analysis detailing the keyword density of each page of your website, along with a rating of your top keywords (i.e. how many searches were made for them in the previous month and how competitive they are).
Improve it...
Based on the above report we would then review and update where necessary the content of each page based upon the best keywords  / keyword phrases to optimise for.
In addition, we would create an agreed number of articles, optimised for the relevant keywords, which would be loaded onto your site and distributed to the various article book marking sites online.
If you're set up on any of the social media platforms (which we strongly recommend that you are and can help you get started if required), we would add the following to the list of SEO activities.
Measure It Social
We would monitor the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube and any other social networking sites that we deemed necessary, listening to what is being talked about in your industry, what your clients are saying, what your competitors are saying and give you an opportunity to get in on the dialogue. Indeed we will also monitor for any mentions of your companies (good and bad) so you can react to them.
Improve It Social
We would support the creation and distribution of materials to your blog, to Facebook and Twitter, etc. In fact we would also suggest creating some videos for  a You Tube channel on a regular basis if possible.

What our clients are saying...

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